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Sarah Jenkins

Photographer. Dancer. Singer. Actor. Weirdo. 


Could You Be More Specific?

I've been a dancer since the age of 2, and around age 15 became obsessed with photographing all of my adventures. Dancers have a way of conveying entire stories & feelings without words... which is basically what a picture does, except with a lot less pain. (that's the goal at least!) 

As someone who is currently performing, as well as occasionally sitting behind the table, I have a keen understanding of what's current, what you want to convey as a performer, and what "they" want your photos to say about you.  

I was born & raised in Southern California where natural light isn't hard to come by, so I specialize in that style of photography. Pair it with my 10+ years of New York hard knocks, & I think the combo makes for some pretty fun photos & a relaxing fun time had by all. There's also a mouthy chihuahua who likes to help pick out your outfits. 


So Like, What Kind of Stuff?

Head shots, dance, athletic, couples, pets (for real though... I probably already love your animal more than you do), and anything that doesn't want to feel like you get to keep the comb from the school nurse.